Cuddle Buddies Winner of a 2008 Jefferson Award
Helping Children Get A Hug From A Stuffed Animal
We Are Expanding Our Reach...

Cuddle Buddies is a unique youth organization that collects new stuffed animals for vulnerable and emotionally troubled children.  An annual donation drive occurs in November and December but new stuffed animals with tags on are accepted throughout the year.

Cuddle Buddies is run by two high school students George Fullerton and Libby Corvin of Piedmont, California. Cuddle Buddies was founded in 2004 and since has grown to an international mission distributing over 30,000 stuffed animal “buddies” to fourteen nonprofit agencies in California, Utah,
Illinois, Connecticut and Mexico as well as to orphanages in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Maseru Lesotho, Africa. 

Cuddle Buddies has local chapters in Piedmont, CA, Greenwich, CT, Greensboro, NC and Salt Lake City, UT.

Six years after the Cuddle Buddies program was founded by Anastasia Fullerton, and two years after younger brother George Fullerton and Libby Corvin, took over the organization, Cuddle Buddies has donated over 30,000 stuffed animals to at risk children in Northern California, Connecticut, Utah, North Carolina and Africa.

This year Fullerton has developed the Three B’s project.

While Tutoring math at a school in Oakland this winter, Fullerton discovered that many of the children were cold and seemed to have very little they could call their own.  His proposed Three B’s project asks people to donate a book, a stuffed bear and a blanket to children who need childhood essentials to feel secure, loved and significant.

The National Charity League (NCL) has adopted the Three B’s project as one of its community service projects.

The Public may donate lightly used books and stuffed bears with tags still on them.  For more information, contact Fullerton at